Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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The IBF GDPR Privacy Policy

We need your action to stay in touch with us! 

Here at IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested from us. (Like getting our newsletter, being informed about the Global Inspiration Conference, news about Breathwork and Conscious Breathing in general or more specifically about the IBF Breathwork Development Fund and other IBF Events).

In general our database includes your name, email address, postal address and phone number so that we can communicate to you according to your preferences. It also records your username and tax ID and bank details if you give them to us so that we can send you an invoice receipt for your membership fees. Our database also collects your activity when you log in to our website. It also includes your country of origin, a record of your membership, official role(s) and GIC attendance so that we can apply the appropriate charges and discounts to your personal account with us.

If you have only subscribed to our newsletter then your email address and name are the only details we store from you.

All of your data is stored centrally in the IBF Network database and an extract of your data (name, email address and communication preferences) are shared with our secured mailchimp database. In alignement with the GDPR we have nominated a Data Protection Officer who will have the only secured access to our database. The Communication Officer and the current Chair of the IBF Executive Team will have the only secured access to our mailchimp account.

The IBF National Representative of your country needs to reach out to you to keep you informed about national events or meetings. We need your consent if we are to legally pass your data to your National Representative. Please tell us your preferences on this form to give your consent, otherwise your National Representative will not contact you.

Each year the Global Inspiration Conference (our sister organisation), is organised by a different team in collaboration with the IBF Executive Team. We need your consent to send you information and advertising about the GIC. Please tell us your preferences on this form to give your consent, otherwise we will not contact you about the GIC. If you have registered for GIC2018, they have your contact details for future correspondance. The IBF does not export your data to any third party organisations. Your registration and the information that you give to the GIC each year is shared under the GDPR policies of these separate organisations.

We do not pass your details on to other companies, organisations or third parties.

As a Member of the IBF your personal login allows you to edit the personal data that is stored in the IBF Network database and to decide what is visible on the website. Being a member, professional member or friend of IBF implies that you agree to our privacy policy, an update of which will be available soon on our website. In the coming year, during your membership renewal process you will be asked to reconfirm your data protection preferences.  

If you agree with our privacy policy, please click on the link below to reconfirm your subscription to our Newsletters.


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