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Uniting and Inspiring People through
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Proposal from IBF Executive Team: The new IBF Task Force Manual

During the last months the IBF Executive Team has been reflecting on the IBF Task Force. 

They reached out to the current Taskforce Officers to get their feedback and to set some guidelines and recommendations for the different roles within the IBF. As a result, all feedback was reviewed and added to the different taskforce documents and united in one manual: the IBF Task Force Manual. 


The idea behind this is to have 3 official documents in which all can find how the IBF is organised. These 3 documents are the By-Laws, the GIC Organiser Manual and the Task Force Manual.


We invite the IBF Community to read this new and updated document and share their comments and feedback during the Taskforce Forum organised on Sunday 8th of July at 5.00 PM CET Brussels till 7.00 PM. 

To be part of the Taskforce Forum, please send an email to the IBF Executive Team (exec@ibfnetwork.com). We will send you the zoomcall invitation to join us. 


Here you can find the new IBF Task Force Manual


Please bare in mind that this is a proposal and new parts/items will need voting on during AGM2018 in France. Anyhow the IBF Executive Team is happy to already share their vision on the IBF Task Force. This will allow the IBF Community to prepare their questions and will allow the IBF Executive Team to provide clarifications where needed. 


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