Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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IBF and the United Nations

Since July 2016, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) can access the expertise of IBF through our special consultative status.

The IBF_UN group (Vanessa Dietzel, Veronique Batter, Judee Gee and myself, began  meeting monthly after GIC 2016 to create Conscious Breathing projects in the following arenas: 1) schools, 2) burnout and depression prevention, 3) trauma recovery.

In March, our attention was drawn to the current crisis of refugees and we oriented our focus on a programme adapted to their situation.

Omar Chtioui, an IBF member in the Middle East, contacted us in April regarding his recent actions with refugees in Jordan and we decided to join forces with him.

We are now organising a pilot project in a refugee camp in Jordan in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This consists of facilitating a one-day Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery workshop for refugees and NGO staff, with two additional training days available to educate future facilitators of the one-day training.

We are looking forward to presenting our project during the GIC in Austria. We are also preparing to recruit and train volunteers to join us in Jordan later this year when we will deliver the first IBF Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery workshop.

Brigitte Martin Powell

IBF_UN Coordinator

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