Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Membership categories

Definition of professional member: 

"An IBF Professional Member is a Breathwork Practitioner who has completed professional training in Breathwork and/or a recognised professional who uses conscious connected breathing as part of their professional practice.  The purpose of the Professional membership category is to increase identification of Breathwork Practitioners globally, as well as to increase networking. All forms of breathwork are welcome in IBF. 

Note: The IBF does not take responsibility for nominations under this membership. Specific information can be found when clicking on the profesional's name". 

Definition of Professional Practitioner: 

All professionals that are using Conscious Breathing as an additional tool in their work.  The purpose is to recognise all these other profesions around the globe that are using the breath actively, as well as increasing networking. 
Same note as professional member. 

Definition of regular member:

Any individual wanting to be an active member of IBF and empower its purpose and actions.

Definition of organisational member:

Any schools, national, regional or international organisations as well as private businesses related directly to breathwork, or that are aligned with the importance of conscious breathing as part of their purpose. The purpose is to list the schools offering profesional trainings in breathwork, as well as recognising all organisations and private initiatives that are promoting the breath locally or internationally. 

Definition of friend:

Anyone who wants to be linked with IBF in a simple way.  This may included children, students, sumpatisant all over the world. The purpose is to allow people who may not be ready to be an active member to still be connected symbolically through this modality.  At any time the friend can become an active member.