Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Transformational Breath Foundation

Transformational Breath Foundation


United States

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Telephone: 1.866.217.0931
Email: info@transformationalbreath.com
Website: http://transformationalbreath.com/

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The Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF), headquartered in the State of New Hampshire USA, is guided by the vision of Dr. Judith Kravitz.

We have certified over 2000 Facilitators worldwide - reaching 34 countries - and led our work, Transformational Breath®, into a premier self-healing modality.

We offer numerous Introductory Level Training Programs such as the Presence of Breathâ„¢ (which works with the Presence Process of Michael Brown).

The 6-Day Personal Seminar (our flagship program) makes up the Personal Level Trainings called Levels I, II and III.

For those looking to become Certified in Transformational Breath®, our Professional Level Trainings consist of an additional 2 weeks of Facilitator Training (Level IV), and a week-long Teacher Training (Level V).

Professional Training with us carries other requirements including Internships. We set the bar high because we want to give the world the best breathworkers we can train.