Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta

Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta


316, P. Majumdar Road, P.O- Haltu, P.S- Kasba
West Bengal

Contact Details

Telephone: +91 9435545630
Mobile: +91 8811046995
Email: sanghamitra_sau@yahoo.com
Email: drsanghamitrasausengupta@gmail.com
Website: http://iahp.in.net/governance/iahp-coordinators/sanghamitra/

IBF Roles

Professional Member National Representative

Additional Information

Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta Registered Health Psychologist -Psychotherapist , Gold Medalist Breath worker Pregnancy/ Prenatal Educator Registration Number IBAM/RMP/A-4350 Affiliate Member Of Indian Psychoanalytical Society affiliated to International Psychoanalytical Association.(IPA) Representative For India at International Breathwork Foundation http://www.ibfnetwork.com National Coordinator of depression and suicide prevention program of Indian Academy of Health Psychology http://iahp.in.net/governance/iahp-coordinators/sanghamitra/ Life Member Of Indian Academy Of Health Psychology http://iahp.net.in/ +91 8811046995 She has done her Schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. Graduation B.Sc ( Hons) from Calcutta University, INDIA M.A (Psychology) She is a Certified Psychiatric Counsellor from Indian Psychoanalytical Society affiliated to International Psychoanalytical Association.(IPA) Certified Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapist. She has done her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling, M.P.C (IBAM). She is a Certified Therapeutic Breath worker with special focus on impact of breathing on our Body, Emotion, Thought and Life (R.B.I). She has been awarded Gold Medal for her service in the field of Complementary Medicine. She is working in the field of Psychological, Mental, Behavioural, Neurotic disorders, Anger, Stress, Emotion Management, Trauma, Self Harm, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Tendency, Students, Academic Counselling, Holistic Parenting, Relationship, Adjustment Problem, Positive Communication, Decision Making, Situation Handling, Self Empowerment, Crisis, Any stage of Life Challenges... Pregnancy and Prenatal Guidance... She has just started SHRI (Sri Healthcare- Research International) Services- Psychotherapy, Counselling, Breath work, Pregnancy Challenges, Prenatal Science, Prenatal Guidance Chambers: SHRI (Sri Healthcare- Research International) 316 P. Majumdar Road Kolakata- 700078 West Bengal India Anima Medical Hall 20, M.B. Road, Pubpara, Belghoria, Kolkata-49 West Bengal India Sri Mayapur Community Hospital Sri Mayapur, Nadia West Bengal-741313 .