Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta

Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta


316, P. Majumdar Road, P.O- Haltu, P.S- Kasba
West Bengal

Contact Details

Telephone: +91 9435545630
Mobile: +91 8811046995
Email: sanghamitra_sau@yahoo.com
Email: drsanghamitrasausengupta@gmail.com
Website: http://iahp.in.net/governance/iahp-coordinators/sanghamitra/

IBF Roles

Professional Member National Representative

Additional Information

Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta B.sc (Honours); M.A( Psychology); M.P.C ( Psychotherapy- Counselling)- Alternative Medicine; Psychiatry & Medicine Health Psychologist – Psychotherapist, Gold Medallist Pregnancy- Prenatal Educator Registration No- IBAM/RMP/A-4350 Co-Founder of Sri Healthcare-Research International, SHRI Psychologist of Bhakti Vedanta Hospital- Sridham Mayapur ISKCON National Coordinator of Depression & Suicide Prevention Program of Indian Academy of Health Psychology, IAHP http://iahp.in.net/governance/iahp-coordinators Representative for India of International Breath work Foundation, IBF members Affiliate Member of Indian Psychoanalytical Society Life Member of Indian Academy of Health Psychology Member of International Breath work Foundation Mobile No:- +91- 8811046995 Mail id: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Her Psycho-physiological Breath Energy Therapy is published. Please Check the link https://bioaccent.org/psychology/psychology38.pdf She is the Co- Founder of Sri Healthcare- Research International, SHRI Purpose of SHRI: To make aware- Mental Health is the Basis of our Health, Well-being & Life. To work on causes of diseases, disorders, Crisis. Vision of SHRI towards better Health: To provide trainings , events on Prenatal Education, Positive parenting, Academic Counselling, Personality Assessment, Career Counselling, Trauma Release - Through Breathwork on the platform of Psychotherapy, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Depression Management, Self Empowerment. Mission: To conduct trainings & courses to doctors, nurses, devotees, personnel, scientists and students on various aspects of Health Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling in order to build Health Experts, Health Counsellors in the field of Complementary Medicine in India and Abroad