Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Mirabai Vines

Mirabai Vines



Contact Details

Telephone: 0402709909
Mobile: 61402709909
Email: mirabai@risingvines.com
Email: rachel@risingvines.com
Website: http://www.risingvines.com/

IBF Roles

Integrity Committee Professional Member

Additional Information

Supporting you through life changes and challenges ~~ Empowering, nurturing and solid growth

I have supported individuals and families in NSW and Canberra for over a decade, starting as a Professional Doula and more recently through Breathwork Training, Holistic Wellness and Psychotherapy, and Group work.

I have a primary interest in conscious living! That is, choosing to live your 'full potential'  and what you were born here to do! This is about making 'adult' choices in your life, rather than automatically acting from programmed behaviours and beliefs that don's support your life goals now. It's about knowing the difference. Despite the obstacles placed in your path I believe that we all have the potential for joy, love, peace and good health.

Through holistic and nurturing support, I will walk with you on your journey of self discovery, helping you to work understand your own personal 'road blocks' so that you can make life choices/changes that are important for you.
You may wish to release old fears, habits and beliefs, let go of old emotions and stress/trauma, access and build on your core strengths, or choose to find balance and peace within.