Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Cindy Aulby

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Website: http://www.journeytotheheart.com.au

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Cindy Aulby has worked as a Counsellor, Healer, Breathwork Practitioner and Teacher, Inner Guide and Artist since 1997. "The guiding light of all my work is the knowing that we are all exactly who we are meant to be, that our work is to uncover the truth of who we already are, to undo and heal the damage that gets in the way of that, and to unlearn who we've been taught to be. I have been gifted with a great love of human-ness. So each time I sit with another human being in their inner work, I am privileged to be allowed access to more of what makes us tick - what gives us joy, what hurts, how we handle our pain, how we heal and how we learn to be whole. I offer my knowing about the stuff of being human, given to me by thousands of hours of being present to thousands of ordinary and extraordinary human stories. I have learned that we can open to change when we feel safe. If we feel threatened, unloved or unheard, we shut down. Our survival instinct takes over and we become defensive. So my passion is to be a loving guide. I know that, no matter what has transpired in your life, you are not wrong. Nor are you alone. I know that any thing can heal. And my job is to assist you on that journey. I am guided and deeply nourished by the natural world, particularly among the foothills of Mount Wellington. Nature is my greatest, wisest and most beloved teacher. My guidance, teaching and healing work is constantly informed by this relationship.