The daily program and messages will appear on Billboards within the hotel.

28th July 2018

18:30 - Opening Ceremony and presentation of the different countries
We will link our energies and enjoy the evening.

General agenda from 29th July till 3rd August

7:00 - Wake-up activities like Taï chi, Yoga, The Five Tibetans, breathing techniques, sound exercises, meditations...

7:00/8:45 - Breakfast

9:00 - Attunement in the main room: All attendees connect collectively with the theme of the day. It is meditation in action: dancing, visualization…

9:30 - Logistics and information of the day presented by the IBF executive team and the GIC organizers:

- General information about IBF, new written books and projects of IBF members.
- Workshop presentations: Each conference attendee may propose a workshop or a short lecture (with a maximum of 3 during the week). Those who propose something during the day are called on stage and are given 2 minutes each to introduce themselves and to give an overview on their workshop or short lecture.
The people attending the GIC 2018 can choose from the different workshops offered to them. Workshop title, location and workshop leader are displayed on billboards. In case a workshop has a limited number of participants, a list of attendees will be made by workshop team and displayed as well.

11:00 - Break

11:30 - IBF Assembly General meetings (AGM) open for IBF members and non-members who are interested in the development of IBF (International Breathwork Foundation).

11:30 - Workshops/Presentations/Round Table  - « Workshop Agenda »

13:00 - Lunch

15:00 - Workshops/Presentations by professionals, which can be split as follows: 3 hours, 1 hour 30 minutes x 2, or 2 hours + 1 hour.
 Each full conference delegates can hold a workshop. We strongly encourage the workshop leaders to register their workshop before the GIC starts. To do so, please sent an email to « Workshop Agenda »
18:00 - Break 

18:30/19:45 - Keynotes Lecture - 
See the list of speakers on the website on the following link

20:00 - Dinner

21:30/23:00 - Dance and other activities.

Friday, August 3rd, Talent Show

21:30/23:00 - France inspires and GIC 2018 has talent. Directed and organized by a Talent Show Coordinator team

Saturday 4th of August 2018, LAST DAY

Morning activities and team connections as before.

9:00 - Attunement and last logistics

10:00 - Heart to heart: last words (Relationships closure ceremony).

11:00 - Closing Ceremony

* Ceremony: Acknowledgements of the conference team and the IBF team.

* Ceremony to pass on to the organizing team of GIC 2019

13:00 - Last lunch of the GIC 2018

Farewell …up to the Post GIC tours






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The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.