Breath has no nationality, no color and is not a new religion! It is our LIFE....

Breath links people from all over the world in GIC2016

Daily Program and messages will appear on Electronic Billboards within the
The President, NC’s and admin-team will be in the hotel at 10am on the
1stof July 2016.

The 1st of July

18:30 - Opening Dinner
20:00- Opening ceremony and presentation of the different countries
A Spectacular Show of South African Drumbeat Dancers and choirs NMMU
Choir and Church Choir will open the energy to a great South African
Breath Event. People from all over the world and South Africans in
particular will meet and greet… We will link our energies and enjoy the

General agenda from 2nd of July till 7th of July

Wake up activities before
7:00: - IBF Members and GIC-ers organize wake-up activities like Taïchi,
The Five Tibetans, breathing techniques on the beach or in the gardens or
the break-away rooms of the Boardwalk Hotel.

7:00 - Breakfast for participants staying in the Boardwalk hotel and 1, 3 ,
7 day pass GIC-ers. There’s some free time left for the beach

8:30 - Gathering of GIC organization and volunteer team for preparing
the logistics of the day and uniting hearts and consciousness.

8:45 - Gathering of IBF team and National Coordinators for bringing
consciousness and sustaining the whole day.
9:00 - Attunement in the main room: All attendees connect collectively
with the Infinite intelligence. Meditation in action: dancing, visualization…

9:30 - Logistics and information of the day presented by the IBF
president and the GIC organizer:
- General information about IBF, new written books and projects of IBF

* Workshop presentations:
The people who want to give a workshop are called on stage. They get 2
minutes each to present themselves, to give some details on their
workshop: title and technique. Every work-shopper can give three
workshops during the 7 days.

The people attending the GIC2016 are allowed to choose from the different
workshops offered to them. Workshop title, location and workshop leader
are displayed on the billboards and on an INFORMATION WALL. In case a
workshop has a limited number of participants, a list of attendees will be
made by workshop ambassadors and displayed as well.

11:00 - Break away time
Tea and coffee will be served in the Foyer of the Hotel.

11:30 - IBF’s Assembly General meetings (AGM)
Are for members and non-members who are interested in the development
of IBF The International Breathwork Foundation. This year a New President
will be voted. Only the members can vote…People that become a member
during the GIC will also be able to vote and present their ideas. A new logo
will be voted and the further development in the steps to the UN will be

13:00 - Lunch time
Vegetarian, chick- and fish-tarian lunch for conference participants

14:00 - Keynote speakers time – 1 hour
(see below for list of the daily list of speakers)
All GIC-ers are free to attend.
Creative Living Festival visitors and interestees pay a fee of ZAR 100 per

15:00 - Break away time
Tea and coffee will be served in the Foyer of the Hotel

15:30 – 3 hour workshops by highly qualified professionals
All full conference delegates can hold a workshop. We strongly encourage
the workshop leaders to register their workshop before the GIC starts, and
to tell us whether the workshop is open for visitors also or not, so the local
visitors can make a choice. Changes are always possible and allowed, but
keeping the intention of order. Daily, all attendees are allowed to follow 1
workshop of their choice.
Creative Living Festival visitors and Local visitors pay a fee of ZAR 300 per

18:30 - Keynote speaker time – 1 hour
Tea and coffee will be served in the Foyer of the Hotel

(see below for list of the daily list of speakers)
All GIC-ers are free to attend.
Creative Living Festival visitors and interestees pay a fee of ZAR100.

20:00 - Dinner time
Vegetarian, chick- and fish-tarian dinner for GIC participants (1-3 and 7 day
passes included).

21:30 -23:00 - fun events
Disco and other voluntary activities boosting the communication among
conference participants and IBF members.

Special Events:

Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd:


An exhibition of celebrating Life to the fullest!
10:00 am until 5:00 pm

Tuesday July 5th
GIC participants ON ICE

Training with TOM Stijven using the WIM HOF method to strengthen our
immune system. (This is optional and still allow other workshops to be happening)

Wednesday 6th of July from14:00 till 18:00
O2DAY OPENDOORDAY at the beach
…in case of rain inside hotel
Start at 2 pm an open door Breathing Circle on the beach. Everyone
can come and join. Breath-work Professionals will facilitate the
Breathing Circle.
A list of facilitator volunteers will be made before the GIC. (Please contact the
organisation if you want to be part of the facilitating team)
The President: Veronique Batter, Organizers: Marie Rose Windels and
Geert De Vleminck will introduce the officials to the Breathwork:
Mandlekaze CEO of Mandela Bay Tourism, Megaphones will be used.
(no electronic equipment)...

A Port Elizabeth Choir of the University NMMU will sing the song OXYGEN
composed by Gaby Lang. The production is in the hands of
Ulagh and Gareth Williams in co-production with Marie Rose Windels.
NMMU students of the musical department and others will be singing on the

A Spekboom will be carried by a group of men to the circle as a symbol for
the World Oxygen Day "O2DAY".
Each participant will receive a glass bottle with a Spekboom branch to take
home. Spekboom is the only tree producing and emitting oxygen Day and

DO AS ONE creator Rabia Hayeck with The Group “One day, One breath,
One love” will spread the breath all over the world via their new HD app.
At least one billion people will consciously breathe together on the 6th of
July 2016. Join individuals from around the world as we consciously
breathe together on connecting in one global breath.
Guinness book of Records will control the amount of participants on and

July 7th Special Talent Show
21:30 - 23:00 South Africa Inspires… GIC2016 has talent: 15 attendees of
the GIC2016 get a chance to show their talents. Directed and organised by
a Talent Show Coordinator team
The Winner of the O2CHAIR worth €9.650 will be drawn at this event by an
innocent hand and the information on theonly Breathing Chair in the world
will be given by Jean Louis Portales.

Saturday July 8th, LAST DAY
Morning activities and team connections as before
9:00 Attunement and last logistics

10:00 Karma clearing…exercise of atonement.
A wonderful way of saying bye-bye to each other… and leave in peace

A tool you can easily use in your daily life between friends, colleagues
lovers and families. Each of us chooses her or his place in the convention
hall. Each of us goes and visits someone with whom you want to clear the
existing tension or want to share your happiness. Only the visitor can speak.

11:00 - Closing Ceremony
*Ceremony: Inauguration of the new president and new IBF team.
*Ceremony to pass on the GIC2017 to next GIC organizer, Willfried
Errhman from Oostenrijk/ Autriche/ Austria.

Closing ceremony of gratitude…surprise!!!!!
Oxygen in A bottle sung by the NMMU Choir

13:00 - Last lunch of the GIC2016
Farewell kisses and hugs… up to the 6 day’s Post GIC….

Keynote speakers agenda and other specific surprises

Saturday July 2nd
14:00 - Live SKYPE meeting with RUSSIA. Online skype
connection with, Luba BOGDANOVA from Russian Breathwork
Festival and GIC 2016.
18:30 - Dr.ELA, SA. Title: The Role of Breath in Energy Management
and treatment of Burn Out, followed by 1 workshop next day.

Sunday July 3rd
14:00 - Kevin HOLMES, UK. Title: Breath in the Psychiatry, followed by
18:30 - Tembile NDZINGI, SA. Title: Fear is debilitating us, followed by
workshop during the week

Monday July 4th
14:00 - Jean WILDERVANCK, South Africa. Title: Essential Oneness, a
vibrant Hoe of Colors, followed by workshop.
18:30 - Dan BRULE. USA. Title: Better Breathing for Better health,
workshops during week.

Tuesday July 5th
14:00 - Tom STIJVEN Belgium followed by Ice workshop at 15:00 all GIC
participants are welcome to experience the breathing ON ICE. TOM Stijven
using the WIM HOF method to strengthen our immune system. Three days
workshop during the week.
18:30 - Margo DE KOOKER SA,Title: Minding our Many Selves!
Workshop during week.

Wednesday July 6th
14:00 - SPECIAL O2 Day! Breathingcircle on the Beach.
18:30- Michael BROWN: South Africa “The Presence Process.”

Thursday July 7th
14:00 - Prof.Rona NEWMARK SA. Title: Q&A about Breathwork,
followed by workshop
18:30 - Michael BROWN, SA. Title:“The Presence Process.”
For more info cal: Marie Rose: 0027(0)4779249 or Evy:0828231525


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The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.