Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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Breathwork and dissolving your Body Armour


Event Schedule
  • Multiday eventWed, 01 May 2019 18:00 06 May 2019 15:00
Event Summary Training module for Breathwork newcomers and experienced Breathworkers. Focus on facilitation of various Bodywork modalities in Breathwork sessions. With certificate of completion for 46 active CPD hours.


Cost: £595.00 includes food and accommodation.

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Event Location
Eden Rise Retreat Center
Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7LJ, United Kingdom
Full Description

Our body is a storage container of unresolved tensions, emotions and past trauma. Addressing and releasing this frozen energy frees up enormous amounts of trapped aliveness and unactivated potential!

Whatever happens to us during our life, we record and store in detail in our body-mind structure. Especially fear experiences, trauma and long term stresses have an enormous impact on our body. They lead to muscular and skeletal tensions, limited breath volume, sympathetic nervous system overload and eventually establish themselves as lifelong breath or body holding patterns (body armour), resulting in diminished agility, personal power and well-being as well as depleted energy levels.

Using a technique called “Conscious Connected Breathing” it becomes possible to access and release subconsciously stored memories, unexpressed emotions and other stress material that is held in our psycho-physical system. Additionally supported by various types of bodywork we “milk-out” muscle holding and cell-memory and free up the trigger points in the body.

Re-experienced, expressed and integrated, these experiences and imprints cease to have an emotional grip on your life expression, allowing you to live more conscious empowered and energised.

The focus of this experiential retreat is on facilitation of various Bodywork modalities and exercises in combination with Breathwork sessions. It supplies you with several excellent methods to free up stuck personal processes and gain access to your body intelligence to create lasting healing and transformation.

This retreat  is part of our 2019 series of LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM training modules. Useful for Breathwork newcomers as well as experienced Breath- or bodyworkers. Participation includes a certificate of completion for 48 active CPD hours. Attendants of the complete 2019 program receive a certificate for basic Breathwork facilitation.

Don’t miss this workshop as this is the only time this year
that we address this specific topic!

Who should attend:
* Anybody experiencing restrictions in breathing, movement and general life expression.
* Anybody interested in learning and experiencing highly effective techniques for healing and transformation with lifelong effects.
*Anybody wanting to free up trapped energy from their system, release outdated patterns from body, mind and soul, or craves for renewal.
* Experienced Breathworkers who want to expand on their bodywork techniques to assist their clients more successfully in their transformation.
* Health care professionals, Bodyworker and Complementary therapists working with clients experiencing holding patterns in their body or life expression.
* People who want a life-shift now or would like support in specific areas of their transformation.
* Anybody  interested to increase energy and agility.