Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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World Breathing Day: The Story behind

The Global day of the Breath was first mooted at the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in Estonia in 2004 by Robin Lawley, Lars Mygind, Dr Frank Cardell and myself, Geoffrey Smith.

We were talking about the need to spread the transformational power of conscious breathing and how wonderful it would be if we could have an annual event that celebrated the breath in all its forms.

This is where the seed was planted.

Over these few days the seed began to grow and it flourished and gained unofficial momentum to the point where people were asking which day in the year should it be. 

Near the end of that GIC, Frank, Robin and myself jointly decided on the 22nd January as for the three of us it was our birthday and we saw that there was a great deal of synchronicity for this day. 

Over the next couple of years various events started to be organised by several countries, including Austria, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. It was beginning to happen but needed IBF official recognition in order to really make it happen at the global level.

At the Canadian GIC 2006 in Nelson BC, a round table discussion took place with Lars Mygind, Luc Maertens, and Maya Gubler looking for a date, half a year before the annual GIC, to hold a worldwide event to promote the breath with some activities and connections.

An interesting fact is that the decision to fix the 22nd of January for this annual event, took place even without the knowledge of the three before mentioned birthdays! By the way: the announcement was met with great applause.

The "Global Day of the Breath" is now called the "Global Day of Conscious Breathing" and it is still celebrated on the 22nd January of each year.

Being involved in organising events and activities for this day since so long, it is truly humbling how the celebration has grown since 2004

Today many activities in more than 20 countries around the globe are organised as well as online events.

Geoffrey Smith with Maya Gubler, Luc Maertens, Lars Mygind      
December 2015