Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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World Breathing Day on 11th of April

In june 2018 it was voted (by electronic voting amongst the IBF Members) to change the Conscious Breathing Day into World Breathing Day. It was also voted to change the date and toe have World Breathing Day on the 11th of April. 


The Global Day of Conscious Breathing is a world awareness day celebrated every year on 22 January under the initiative of the IBF.  The objective is to expand the importance of the breath as a healing power and maintainer of wellbeing for each human being*.  This initiative was conceived in 2004 by Geoffrey Smith, Lars Mygind and Luc Maertens and was officially launched in 2006 by the assembly, under the initiative of Maya Gubler. The choice of the 22 January was found to be an excellent mid-year day away from the annual GIC congress usually held in July, and a good starting of the year. 

Read the full history here.

Since 2004, there are events organised on or around the 22 January worldwide.  Some are online and many are open events for people to get to experience their breathing consciously. 

The annual flyer is available for you to download in more than 6 languages:

Conscious Breathing Ukrainian 2016
Conscious Breathing Russian 2016
Conscious Breathing Italian 2016
Conscious Breathing French 2016
Conscious Breathing German 2016
Conscious Breathing English 2016

See the local events in our IBF event calendar

Check our map of events to have it more visual.

*Numerous studies now show the effectiveness in prevention and reduction of stress, either as post-trauma release, or prevention of stress at the work place, etc... Several studies show the positive impact of breathing in several health conditions, but also as a support of natural birth and peaceful terminal processes.