Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through Conscious Breathing
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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation.

When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies.

Most breathwork techniques used what we call "conscious connected breathing". Connecting the inhale with the exhale consciously and continuously quickly connects us to our core, to each other, to Nature and to our wider existence. Conscious Breathing opens a channel to the deeper realities of life, providing the groundwork for personal development and reaching higher states of consciousness.
Breath mastery can be used to enhance development and learning on all levels. Breathwork and Breathing Techniques are now being taught all over the world.

The world of breathwork contains a diversity of approaches and schools.  Among the most prominent are: Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork... (link to wiki breath)