Uniting and Inspiring People through
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Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
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What and who is the Integrity Committee?

What is the Integrity Committee? Who are they?

What is the Integrity Committee?

The Integrity Committee (IC) of the IBF is entrusted with the ethical oversight of the IBF. For this purpose, it holds two distinct roles as defined by the IBF By-Laws:

1. Advisory board to the Admin Team: The IC holds a number of functions in the decision-making process of the IBF to ensure activities are carried out in line with the By-Laws and Core Values of the IBF.

  • The IC is called upon when the Admin Team (AT) wishes to clarify the application of the IBF By-Laws or asks for input in a matter. 
  • The IC and AT, when in consensus, are entrusted to make “non-critical“ changes and additions to the text of the by-laws, the GIC Manual, and other IBF documents throughout the year as they deem appropriate. Responsibility for defining changes as “critical” or “non-critical” rests with the IC. Changes defined as critical are to be voted on by the AGM and should be submitted to the IC in writing.
  • If the IC is in consensus, they have the right to block the Admin Team decisions and actions on a particular project for a maximum of one month. If the issue in question is not resolved within one month, action by Admin Team on the project will cease and the issue will be referred to the next GIC.
  • One member of the IC or a person nominated by the IC will chair the AGM, held each year at the GIC.
  • The IC also supervises certain marketing or commercial activities involving the website

2. Complaints board for members

  • Attempts should first be made to resolve complaints about individuals between the people concerned, or with the support of the National Coordinator. If a complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily in this way, it can then be lodged in writing with the IC. The IC will review the matter and make a recommendation. The IC will also inform the person about whom they have received a complaint in writing.

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Who is the Integrity Committee?

The Integrity Committee (IC) is composed of 3 members with at least one woman and one man. At GIC2015 in Teneriffe, Lena Kristina Tuulse from Sweden was joined by Vanessa Dietzel from the UK and Gerd Heinz Lange from Germany. You can find out a bit more about them below…

Vanessa Dietzel
I facilitate transformations in individuals and organisations, especially companies. I started my professional career in management consulting until a burnout in 2008 prompted me to turn many inner stones and brought me to Breathwork. Not only did I find in Breathwork an amazing healing modality but also a life passion and purpose. I trained with Jaan Jerabek in Australia for two years and assisted on many residential life transformation and breathwork training programmes. I also attended a few trainings with Sondra Ray to broaden my range of conscious breathing approaches. For a few years, I worked as a Breathworker in private practice, at a world leading spa and healing centres in Australia and Asia. After returning to Europe, I followed (somewhat hesitantly…) the universe’s nudges back into the corporate world. My work there keeps evolving to incorporate more personal and team development, coaching, yoga and mindfulness into projects that are also expected to directly deliver improvements in financial performance. Born and brought up in Germany, US, Belgium and UK, I currently live in London and work mainly across Europe. I love to travel, spend time in nature, paint and sing. I have just started playing the harmonium which makes my inner bhakti yogi very happy!

My first GIC was Spain in 2011 and I have since only missed the one in Belgium. I feel at home in an organisation which embraces different professional approaches and spiritual traditions, facilitates co-creation and is founded on grassroots principles. I am very excited about the goal of growing IBF to play a bigger role, for example through the application for consultative status with the UN, and feel very grateful to be serving the IBF community as a member of the Integrity Committee. In my day-to-day work with companies I am often dealing with the challenge of combining stability and change, individual and organisational needs, without letting my personal views get in the way, which is why I considered myself a suitable candidate for this role. Since joining the IC, I have been going through an interesting process around the integrity of my personal lifestyle, benefitting from a global economic system which I see as causing much suffering through environmental, social and economic problems and conflicts. I’ve been taking stock where my actions and their implicit consequences are not in line with my values and have made some changes, but it is work in progress. For that, I take much guidance and courage from Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world!”, and Babaji’s teachings of "Truth, Simplicity and Love”. Namaste.

Lena Kristina Tuulse
About myself: I am a psychologist and a teacher in physical education. I trained Rebirthing with Leonard Orr (and others) mainly during 1979-82 and have been teaching groups and seen individual clients in Sweden and around the world since then. I did start up the school for Breathwork in Sweden with a colleague 34 years ago and am still creating workshops in Breathwork and Life management Consulting.
In my personal life path I have started up a treatment center mainly for drug abuse rehabilitation, started a workshopcenter and as a consultant I give many seminars for companies and organisations as well as private sessions.
I have dived into spirituality and see breathwork as a spiritual tool. One major factor is that I met Haidakhan Baba in India in 1980, which had a major influence on my life and lead to a greater understanding of spirituality. In 1990 I wrote my first book “Passion for Life” in an attempt to present the breathwork and personal growth and principals for change in many different forms. My present project that I am passionately involved in is to create a Foundation, Life University, on the Island Väddö where I live. It is a meeting place and a workshop place where I give some of my trainings as well. Yearly an international week with warm water Breathing and mind Clearing work happens in August. I love to initiate healing and growth and cooperation.

I am happy, married to Toomas, musician and architect and for the moment I am fully involved in supporting the flow of refugees coming to our Island, teach yoga and breathing. I love to sing and spend time with my four grandchildren. Every day is a miracle and with gratitude I step upon the earth.

Let us begin the process of taking our lives to the next level now! LOVE LIFE AND LIVE LOVE!

Heinz Gerd Lange (NC and IC from Germany).
I came to Breathwork 1993 in a time of great personal challenge, while living in Australia. On a „Money and You“ seminar I met Jonine Lee and she told me „with Breathwork you can change your past, create a wonderful new future and learn to live happily in the NOW“. That did it for me!

I immediately started a 10-week intensive with Michael Adamedes and Denise Burgess (True Connections) and by week 5 I became totally committed to Breathwork…and that has not changed till now.

Since then I did the „True Connections Breathwork“ training in Australia, parts of the 3-year training for „Integrative Breathwork“ with Tilke Plateel and Hans Mensink and their „Trainer training“ in Germany, the „Essential Life Skils“ training with Gilly and David Montgomery in the UK, Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof in Spain and Denmark and the „Lighthealing and Breathwork“ training with Konrad Halbig in Germany. I also trained and worked with Judith Kravitz, Leonard Orr, Dan Brule, Bob Mandel, John Bradshaw, Anthony Robbins, Bernd and Sophie Hellinger and many, many others as I love learning and expanding my horizons.

1996 I moved to the UK established a Breathwork practise and started running One Year Seminars. 1997 together with Mary McGlynn and Vivienne Silver-Leigh we founded the London College for Breath Therapy. Eventually I took over the college and transformed it into the Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing (InBreath), which used to run 3-year part-time Diploma Breathwork training together with Jane Okondo (till 2008). I then moved back to Germany, met my wife Lera and since then we are running the „Life Mastery Program“ together in Germany (near Munich), as well as many international Seminars in the UK, Ukraine and now Poland and Switzerland.

I first came to the IBF in 1997 while visiting the GIC in Austria organised by Wilfried Ehrmann. Since then I have been a member for most of the time. 2012, I became the NC for Germany, which I have been since. Last year I was voted into the IC committee.

My personal take on breathwork includes a focus on mind re-patterning, bio-energetic integrity and transformational life shifts....and most importantly, everything that helps you to open your heart. One of my specialities is creating powerful music sets for group breath sessions being quite influenced by the holotropic understanding of the supportive function of music in breathing sessions. I also love the scientific angle besides the spiritual aspects of modern Breathwork and my passion is to get Breathwork into mainstream acceptance and recognised by the medical profession for its beneficial effect. Some countries are ahead with this (Australia, UK, Austria), so there is still lot’s to do in Germany.

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