Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through Conscious Breathing
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IBF and the United Nations

- 15/12/2014

As we come to completion of the year 2014, we also enter a quite exciting time in IBF.  After 21 years of building up a solid base for our organisation, bringing the Global Inspiration Conference around the globe, uniting and inspiring people using conscious breathing, IBF is ready to grow to another level. IBF has taken the challenge offered two years ago by Julie Gerland to work on the application to the Consultative Status with ECOSOC, United Nations

What and who is the Integrity Committee?

- 24/06/2016

What is the Integrity Committee? Who are they?

GIC2016 final daily program

- 24/06/2016


GIC2016 last news

- 24/06/2016

What a year! A rollercoaster! I am happy the date of birth July 1st. is coming closer… Since the June 8th I am literally physically running the GIC2016 in PE where I arrived with one-day delay in London. I totally forgot to bring the trophy of IBF (the disc) and the Bell…Lucky, Geert de Vleminck, my great and beloved assistant organizer will pick it up and bring it. Happy he’ll be with me on the 23rd..

Membership in IBF is opening a Professional Category

- 20/06/2016

For those who are Breathworkers or professionals of other disciplines using conscious breathing as an additional tool in your work, we want to enhance your visibility through the website of IBF, so the public can find you and reach you.

INTERVIEW with JOHN Stamoulos

- 24/02/2016

Interview for IBF - Conducted January 16, 2016 John is a master Breathwork trainer, facilitator and mentor who has been travelling internationally for over 20 year bringing the gifts of Breathwork to audiences worldwide. Based in Adelaide, Australia, John is recognized as one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Breathwork and Remedial (Massage) Therapy. He is the IBF National Coordinator for Malaysia. In addition to presenting numerous workshops, seminars and trainings, John has added author to his list of credentials. He has recently published his first book, Breathing Into A New Life - How Your Breath Heals .

“First Aid” for Your Relationship

- 22/02/2016

First of all remember that ´Love brings up anything unlike itself` and that is for the purpose of healing. So when stuff comes up, don't panic. Just process it.

Adrenalin-Breathing with Wim Hof

- 16/01/2016

Intensive breathing has amazing effects. Those who have experienced cold water breathing and have previously been fearful about any contact with cold water, know what we are talking about: Breathing strongly, any fear can turn into a sense of well-being or even ecstasy while in contact with cold water. The Dutchman Wim Hof has managed a lot of extreme situations with the help of the breath: marathon runs in the Sahara and in snow with bare feet, climbing the Kilimandscharo in shorts without shirt and record time, swimming in the polar sea, staying in ice water with 1 degree C for 80 minutes etc.+ At the Global-Inspiration-Conference 2015 in Teneriffe he has guided over 100 people into the ice water basin to demonstrate that this experience is possible for everyone, with appropriate preparation. And the preparation consists mainly in breathing intensely, making short pauses and continue to breathe intensely (and there is a Hof-breathing exercise at the end of the article).

Conscious breath helped me to create a family I dreamed about.

- 27/05/2015

I recall myself one and a half year ago at one of the breathing sessions with Alakh Analda complaining that "nothing special happening with me during breathing sessions and I simply sleep through them". So she suggested why don't I set a really "big" intention for myself which I hardly believe could happen to me. I paused for a while and said "creating long lasting loving relationships with aim to conscious parenting in....6 months time"...  Sounded unlikely at that time but nevertheless, I did get engaged after a few months and soon after found myself pregnant. Things were happening quickly but taking regular sessions of full conscious connecting breathing (TM Alakh Analda) as part of my training as a breathworker smoothly moved me through huge physical, emotional, and physic swings resulting from my speedy transformation.

Words from our Honorary Member and GIC DJ, Robert Moore

- 27/05/2015

At the 2012 GIC in Belgium, I had a surprise, Brigitte Martin (then President) called me to come on stage; I was astonished by the unexpected announcement that I was being given an IBF Honorary Membership. I had no idea this was coming nor did I previously know the category existed! On stage I could have, said something then and there, but the surprise took away words and those that came to my mind sounded, inwardly, like boring "blah-blah". I resolved to write for the (then) next 2012 IBF Newsletter giving thanks for this public recognition.

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