Uniting and Inspiring People through
Conscious Breathing
Uniting and Inspiring People through Conscious Breathing
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Anthony Dunkley

Anthony Dunkley



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Email: antonio@communityofhealing.com
Email: anthonydunkley@gmail.com
Website: http://www.balischoolofbreathwork.com/index.html

IBF Roles

National Co-ordinator

Additional Information

Antonio Abbagnano is the founder of The Community of Healing, an international organization that promotes the union of Western medicine with all other modalities. He is also the founder of the ARK foundation in Bali Indonesia, a day centre dedicated to community health and growth of consciousness. With 8 years of personal daily breathing practice, Antonio has explored many different styles of the breath, including LeBoyer, Holotropic, Transformational, Sufi Breathing, and Pranayama. Now as a Clarity Breathwork practitioner he brings his life experience of Motivational Speaking, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bodytalk