Wutao at the heart of breath work (3h00)

Life is movement breath and rhythm. Life grooves from the moment of our conception right up to our last breath. In Wutao we learn to gently master our breathing, we learn to be in tune with its rhythm. Our breath then grows and our movement blossoms, alternating between mastery and letting go (‘lâcher-prise’); between our interior being and a primordial celebration. It is a path that lets us bring to our conscience attention the liberating, pulsating, breathing of all our living tissues with the undulating movement of our vertebral column.

Facilitator : Julian King

Born in England, he came over to France at the age of 26 where he studied osteopathy and obtained his degree in 2003. Realising the limits of his osteopathic practise, he started to look for other ways to reach a deeper healing in his patients. This led him to train in a systemic approach to the relationship between the practitioners and their patients. Here he was introduced to rebirthing, holotropic breathwork and EMDR. He then studied Yang style Tai Chi, then Chen style Tai Chi with Arnaud Mattlinger who introduced him to the budding art of Wutao®. The Wutao took him by total surprise. What he felt while practicing this new art form filled him with complete joy. Studying and training in the art of Wutao under the benevolent eyes of the two co-creators Pol Charoy et Imanou Risselard for four years he became a professor in 2009 and has continued his training with Pol and Imanou. He finishes his course to become a teacher trainer in Wutao in June.


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