The alchemy of joy: The joy revolution begins with you- Judee Gee

Date: Monday, 15:00 – 18:00

Beyond it’s role as an agent of play and pleasure, joy is also a powerful catalyst for accessing our true nature. Our innate affinity with joy makes it the perfect vector for leading us to the place within us where it resides - along with love and wisdom - in unlimited abundance.
In this workshop, we will use a mix of intuitive enquiry, conscious movement, music and tantric breathwork to explore how joy can be used as a vector for lasting emotional transformation.
You will discover an effective and congruent method for turning sadness into love, fear into trust, anger into enthusiasm and insight into wisdom.

Trainer: Judee Gee
Following her tantra based rebirth training in San Francisco (1980-1981), Judee has been active professionally as a Breathwork trainer. She holds a Diploma in Breathwork from Breathwork Trainings International (BTI), Australia. She is past President of the IBF (1998-2001), creator of the IBF Integrity Committee (1998) and a founding member (2000) of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBTA) where she is on the Board of Directors.
With over 35 years of immersion in the field of transpersonal development, her primary teaching tools are awareness, conscious breathing, intuition liberation, movement medicine and joyfulness.
She currently directs the Dakina Joy School (Dakina: l'Ecole de la Joie) from where she is based in the South of France.
Author of Le pouvoir de l’intuition (1989), Comment devélopper votre intuiton (1995), Intuition; Awakening your inner guide (1999).


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