Why is there so much confusion around the "optimal natural way of breathing?"
The complete or "yogui" breathing is the one where the full body expands at the same time during the inhale, and recedes at once when exhaling.  The psycho-breathing therapy offers a simple and practical model to return to the optimal breathing that was mechanically designed for the human being. Our ventilatory capacity has been altered due to many life experiences that we felt traumatic in our human journey.  Our task consists therefore in evaluating our respiratory function in order to return it to its natural, enjoyable and expansive expression of our life force. 

In this workshop you will get to experience your habitual way of breathing and what are the practical exercises you can incorporate in your daily life and in your practice as breath specialist to liberate your breath and enjoy your full optimal breathing and expression of life. 

Carlos Velasco, Spain, Psychologist, Psychoterapist and Naturopath with more than 30 years investigating the breathing mechanisms diagnosis, its psycho-diagnosis and treatment.  Founder of the "Psicoterapia Respiratoria".  Author of "Las Enseñanzas del Caballero de la Armadura Oxidada, 14º edición. Obelisco".  Coming up: "Psicoterapia Respiratoria, vuelta a la respiración y voz natural desde el proceso para eliminar la somatización  (translated: return to natural breathing and voicing, removing the somatization)"
Véronique Batter - Former President of the IBF -  breathworker for more than 20 years - - Applying the precision of Breathing Mechanism teaching of Carlos in diagnosis and treatment of breathing disorders - Using the breath for Body- Mind - Soul Integration.
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