Laughter yoga, Joy in motion - Fabrice Loizeau

Date: Tuesday, 11:30 – 12:30

Be ready to experience a complete laugh, good for the head, good body and heart.
During this workshop, we will dive into the positive thanks to the yoga exercises of laughter (according to the method of the founder, an Indian doctor). Between 2 laughters, we will simply reach the fundamental values of this laugh ... The body, the heart and the spirit will be major axes of this workshop ... The yoga of laughter aims to install the feeling of its presence differently than on the lips: may it be touching your heart and invite then his three friends: joy, optimism and vitality.
Laughter yoga is made easy and accessible to everyone.

Trainer: Fabrice Loizeau
Fabrice is the right arm of the founding Indian doctor of laughter yoga and his world ambassador. In France, he created the French Institute of laughter yoga and Health. Fabrice is also the director of the French School of  Positive with a fantastic team of doctors, academics, researchers and experts of happiness and optimism . He includes laughter yoga in personal development and wellbeing programs.
He is also sophrologist and loves to include games in its method.
Elected in 2013 "one of the 1000 pioneers who move the planet" for its initiatives in terms of positive, optimistic and joy of life ..
Do you want to know his actualy golden rule? Sell your intelligence and buy child playfulness.


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