- Lolita AUCOURT

Date: Tuesday, 17:00 – 18:00

Very playful workshop and composed of different games of emotional intelligence. No loosers ever, only winners. A selection of games to boost the good mood, the joy of living, and which allows to develop a new form of intelligence in accordance with the human values: this workshop favors the human relations, the reason of the heart and forges the values of empathy and pleasure. Neurons and the body are stimulated in a free and caring approach, for oneself and for others. Very fluid and stimulating.

Trainer: Lolita Aucourt
Director and trainer at the School of Positive, practitioner specializing in fun techniques. Master Laughter Yoga teacher, certified in playful sophrology, sophrologist in activity, trained in cooperation games, participatory strategy games, positive psychology games, etc ...


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