Discover the spectrum of full breathing, with Vital’Respir

Increase your awareness, explore your potential: Discover how you can invest fully in the three zones (upper chest, lower chest, belly); the power of the diaphragm (particularly posterior); improve your respiratory practise (localisation, rhythm, amplitude).

What is the Vital’RespirTM breathing process?

Oxygen is the great bearer of life. Breathing is among the most basic and vital of all our bodily functions. And yet most of us do not do it well, considerably under utilising its potential. Many of us therefore live in a permanent state of hypoxia, only getting by with the minimum. Better breathing techniques bring more vitality into our system; burning more calories and bringing us greater energy, both physical and mental. This directly impacts our mental state, emotional intelligence and vitality.

In our quietest moments, most of us realise there is only one person or thing we can control in this life; the person we know best; ourselves. So how can we achieve moment-to-moment control in a relaxed energetic way and take our lives where we want them to go in small steady steps? By moving towards fuller consciousness of our inner states, by being more mindful, we influence our behaviour and its consequences on our environment.

We would therefore like to invite you to come and discover the benefits and best practices of our Vital’Respir method and how you can apply it to improve your professional and personal life.

We will show you how to access its mental and physical benefits and its effects on your health and mental wellbeing, how to better manage your attitudes, emotions and behaviour, as well as how to use your body better in daily life (effort and rest), and in various physical activities (sport, dance, theatre, singing, etc).

Trainer: Edouard Stacke

International management consultant, coach and health professional (qualified physiotherapist, psychologist, osteopath, and acupuncturist), Edouard has trained thousands of his colleagues in body-mind therapies and taught numerous managers around the world to improve their leadership and management practices. He has held posts in curriculum direction at the universities of Montreal (Canada), Paris Sorbonne V and Paris Dauphine. Edouard is the founder of the Vital’Respir™ Method and is the author of Coaching for Companies, The Virtues of Breathing and The Freedom to be Oneself, (available soon in English). He ran the first Interprofessional Congress of Respirology in Paris in January 2015, and is President of Association pour la Promotion de la Respirologie et de l’Education à la Santé (A.P.R.E.S).


IBF network

The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.