Conscious Breathing in the Classroom - International Launch!

What if every teacher in every school on the planet was able to bring conscious breathing into the daily lives of the students in their classrooms? Can you imagine how that could change the world?! Five years in the making, for the first time ever the 'IBF Conscious Breath in Schools' group offers a quick and easy training for conscious breath practitioners to bring a conscious breathing program back to the school teachers in their home countries. This comprehensive simple 3-hour training will give you
- scope of the challenges and classroom situations today's schoolchildren face
- experiences and practice with age-specific breath exercises for the children
- how conscious breathing is easily introduced into the school day
- resources for the school teachers and trainers of this program
- tips on how and where to offer this program to school teachers back home 
You will receive the ‘Conscious Breathing in the Classroom’ program manual and will be able to train school teachers. You will be connected to ongoing mutual support of an international community of schoolteachers and conscious breath practitioners who teach this simple program around the world (The Breathing Classroom on the IBF website and Facebook members page yet to come!)

Trainers: Jo Ann Lowell (Chair), Luc Maertens (Retired Teacher), Anil Altas Brug, are all Certified Breathwork Practitioners from the "IBF Conscious Breath in Schools” work group. Our teammates Dan Brule and Tilsim Demirdoken send their regrets. We received a mandate from the IBF membership in 2013 to delve into how to bring conscious breathing to children. Over these years, with many other helpers, we have researched and experimented with many programs which effectively bring mindfulness into children’s lives and into the school classroom. We discovered the most effective delivery is daily through the school teachers to their students.  Yet, even though these programs had conscious breathing in common - they all somehow managed to marginalize it.  We came to the conclusion that it was time for the world to have a comprehensive conscious breathing program for the classroom. And who better to deliver this simple training to the school teachers around the world than us: Breathwork Practitioners, Conscious Breathers and the International Breathwork Foundation. We are honored to offer this to you for the first time at GIC France!!


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