A short lecture + practice of Wutao (1h30)

We have an innate need to be connected to our essential selves, to our intimate being. But how? Our bodiliness (corporeality) is a faithful and solid ally. It serves us as a true and benevolent guide when we start to listen to it. The body is a direct and sovereign pathway that leads ‘you’ directly to ‘Yourself’. This contemporary bodywork form ‘the Wutao’ invites us to reconnect to this part of us. It helps us to naturally liberate our pelvic region and to gently release the undulating wave motion in our vertebral column. At the origin of Life there is this wave movement, and it accompanies us from the moment of our conception up until our deathbed. But as we grow from childhood to adulthood, the wave motion can become restricted and we can feel less and less in touch with it. It seems to escape us. Our pathway is to find it again, to reconnect ourselves to this life force as if we were connecting ourselves once again to a universal life-force. This reconnection helps us to open our hearts and fulfil our minds. When this alchemy starts, our body and soul can open and flourish.

Trainer: Julian King

Born in England, he came over to France at the age of 26 where he studied osteopathy and obtained his degree in 2003. Realising the limits of his osteopathic practise, he started to look for other ways to reach a deeper healing in his patients. This led him to train in a systemic approach to the relationship between the practitioners and their patients. Here he was introduced to rebirthing, holotropic breathwork and EMDR. He then studied Yang style Tai Chi, then Chen style Tai Chi with Arnaud Mattlinger who introduced him to the budding art of Wutao®. The Wutao took him by total surprise. What he felt while practicing this new art form filled him with complete joy. Studying and training in the art of Wutao under the benevolent eyes of the two co-creators Pol Charoy et Imanou Risselard for four years he became a professor in 2009 and has continued his training with Pol and Imanou. He finishes his course to become a teacher trainer in Wutao in June.


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