A different view on cancer: the role of breath work in cancer + full breath session

With her breath work, medical doctor and breath teacher Nadja Benschop effectively supports cancer patients and their partners who also need support in integrating the emotions that come with this life-changing event.

Integrative breath work supports healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Working with cancer patients, allows them to experience a dramatic improvement of their illness, less side effects with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and faster improvement of physical fitness after operations. Also, it has been scientifically proven that the prognosis of cancer is significantly improved in patients who are able to process and express their emotions well.

In this interactive class, Nadja will offer her scientific knowledge in a practical approach for you to integrate it immediately in your practice. She makes the subject fun to learn with stories from her practice, and you are invited to join a Transformational Breath session after the class.

During this masterclass, you will learn to:

• Be confident in your conversation and intake with your clients who have cancer.

• Hold a good quality and factually correct conversation about cancer and breath with professionals and lay people, about the important role of oxygen and the role of emotions in cancer in detail.

• Witness the fulfilment of really bringing a meaningful change to the lives of those who are inflicted with cancer.

• Experience the power of a Transformational Breath session.

Trainer: Nadja Benschop 
Nadja is an MD and a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine. She works as a freelance Pharmaceutical Doctor in the development of new drugs. She has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the development of cancer medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. Before that, she worked in ophthalmology.
She is also an international senior trainer in Transformational Breath® and trainer of new breath facilitators in The Netherlands as well as a certified laughter yoga teacher.
After having encountered Transformational Breath® in 2005, her life changed so significantly for the better, that she felt a strong passion to share this technique with others. Her experience with clients are deeply fulfilling, making her work with the breath her joy in life. She combines her breath work with energetic healing and -reading and laughter yoga at her private practice in Bilthoven in The Netherlands where she works intensively with cancer patients and their partners. She trains new breath facilitators and leads workshops and retreats around the world. Currently, Nadja has more than 13 years of personal experience with Transformational Breath and has worked with a few thousand breathers in different countries across the globe in over 11 years. Her key interest is with cancer patients and she expresses a keen interest in following the scientific research on the relationship between breathing and cancer development.

It is Nadja’s dream to close the gap between regular and alternative medicine. She believes that taking the best from both worlds would create a very powerful combination in the healing of humanity.


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