Understanding the meaning of breathing patterns and advanced technique - Judith Kravitz

Date: Tuesday, 15:00 – 18:00

In this experiential  program we will learn the correlation between how we breathe and what is going on in our life.   How aspects of our breathing pattern will show areas of expression that is open and closed.  It reveals what is in our subconscious and specific behaviors we are expressing in our life.

This experiential Program is best suited for those doing breath work professionally.
It will also include a section on how changing breathing patterns creates openings and activation in a session.  Also it will be shown how  hands on  and positioning are used to create  the  respiratory openings

There will be a experiential clinic where participants will have a chance to practice and receive feed back on their own breathing patterns.

Trainer: Judith Kravitz
Dr Judith Kravitz is the co-creator of the Transformational Breath® process. Author of "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly", Judith has worked extensively with the breath as an agent of transformation and healing since the late 1970s. She has helped thousands of people in group and individuals sessions, and has trained thousands of breath facilitators and trainers.
In 1994, she founded the Transformational Breath Foundation and its training programs, and still serves as its Executive Director.
In addition to her primary focus Transformational Breath®, she has facilitated A Course in Miracles groups, Inner Sensitivity classes, Children’s Yoga, and Woman’s Empowerment Groups. Her approach to the subject of healing is spiritual, professional, loving and dynamic.


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