Can we decide to be happy? The answer is “yes”…

The purpose of this lecture is for you to discover what is hidden behind emotional intelligence and to learn about the benefits gained by a better regulation of emotions.

We ask ourselves why so called "intelligent" people can fail in their personal lives? Why a colleague can fail in their personal life? Why couple and family relationships can sometimes be so difficult? 
Latest studies provided by neuroscience researchers now offer us the possibility of understanding how we function at a cerbral level and the important repercussions on our health, morale and quality of life.

"I decided to be happy because it’s good for health” said Voltaire
So why not you too? 

Trainer: Laurence Sxay, life coach and trainer, will share with you her experience in positive psychology and the latest scientific discoveries in the neurosciences.
She will answer your questions and give you some simple recipes to use in daily life leading directly to joie de vivre.


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The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.