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Sunday 29 July 2018 - Judith Kravitz: LOVE + LIGHT = JOY

There is a tried and true formula for creating the natural state of JOY in our lives. And the key element is the BREATH. Our breath will lead us down the pathway to access the Vibrational State of Joy that is inherent in all of us.
There is however, a need to address the blocks and stumbling stones on that path.
We have the tools and the blue print to open the passage way to our innate JOY.
We can free these channels then ignite this internal state and begin living a life full of JOY.
Judith will explain more about the essence of JOY, the formula for birthing our JOY, and experiencing a breathing session that begins that JOYOUS journey.

Dr Judith Kravitz: Co-creator of the Transformational Breath® process

Dr Judith Kravitz is the co-creator of the Transformational Breath® process. Author of "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly", Judith has worked extensively with the breath as an agent of transformation and healing since the late 1970s. She has helped thousands of people in group and individuals sessions, and has trained thousands of breath facilitators and trainers.
In 1994, she founded the Transformational Breath Foundation and its training programs, and still serves as its Executive Director.

A mother of eight, she was born and lives in the United States. Her Breathwork has reached into more than 30 countries, and she has led trainings, workshops, clinics, and master classes, at healing centers and conferences around the world.

In addition to her primary focus Transformational Breath®, she has facilitated A Course in Miracles groups, Inner Sensitivity classes, Children’s Yoga, and Woman’s Empowerment Groups. Her approach to the subject of healing is spiritual, professional, loving and dynamic.

Monday 30 July - Fabrice Loizeau: THE LAUGHTER YOGA AND JOY

Prepare yourself to discover a complete laugh; good for the head, for the body and for the heart.
In 90 minutes, Fabrice will reveal everything ... Perhaps you will be surprised to discover so many benefits delivered in so little time, and without any particular orientation or effort. No need for a certain posture, or to know yoga.
Just come along - even if you're in a bad mood - and he will take care of everything!
Program: What is laughter yoga? - It's immediate and long term benefits - Why and how practice it? - Our challenge (surprise)

Fabrice Loizeau: Laughter Yoga Master and Sophrologist, Executive director of the French Institute of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Master and Sophrologist, Fabrice Loizeau is the executive director of the French Institute of Laughter Yoga.
Nicknamed the Laughter Yoga Gentleman of France, Fabrice Loizeau is close to the founder of laughter yoga, the doctor Madan Kataria, who appointed him Master and his leader to train the new generation of Yoga Facilitators and Teachers. Laughter in France. A world ambassador, he supervises animators and teachers. Fabrice is an international expert, the only one in France among the top 10 in the world. In addition, he runs the School of the Positive with the help of experts in sciences of the positive, doctors, researchers, practitioners ...

In each of its trainings and / or talks, he invites you to a real entry into the essential: cosmopolitan teaching, colourful where everyone emerges with full vitality and knowledge to become a worthy yoga laughter recognized internationally.
Practicing in 2004, Facilitator in 2005, International Professor in 2009, Professor Expert in 2010, Global Ambassador in 2011 and Master in 2012.

Tuesday 31 July - Nathalie Geetha Babouraj: BREATH + AWAKENING OF THE SENSES = JOY

Integrative health reveals to us this simple equation! Through a very gentle and playful practice, Nathalie will guide us happily through the wonders of our bodies (mind, body and soul) using breath, energy centers, the language of colors, sound, taste, the 5 elements, smell and touch.
With this offering from Ayurveda and Yoga, we will access profoundly our iner state of Joy. Welcome within!

Nathalie Geetha Babouraj: Doctor of medicine, founder of the Integrative Heath Institute and creator of sensory journeys

After studying medicine, Nathalie Geetha Babouraj started working for five years. Trained to heal people, she realizes that on the prevention side, she feels limited in her supporting abilities.

It was by participating in an international group of NATO, bringing together other doctors and military researchers that she discovers Integrative Medicine. This possibility of combining the best of modern medicine to which she has been trained and the wisdom of older medicines such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, India, seduces her.

Her Indian origins, as well as his childhood spent in Pondicherry, inspired her to train at the Yoga therapy (Paris) and the art of living according to Ayurveda (College of Ayurveda, Cannanore in India and Center Chopra in California ). This obvious relationship between Body, Heart and Spirit is then incorporated into her practice, both personal, but also professional.

After several months spent in the United States, meeting people, doctors and therapists in this integrative universe, she returned to France to create the ISI, the Institute of Integrative Health, and propose sensory journeys to explore its health, in small groups, for businesses and individuals.

Wednesday 1st August - Guillermo Ricken: TRUE JOY IN A SOCIAL NETWORK?

Considering the ubiquitous presence of social networks and the incessant, mostly empty chatter contained therein, is it possible to approach this phenomenon from a different angle and develop a completely new network, based on a different understanding of what it means to be human? Can emotional intelligence, compassion and empathic communication, all harbingers of Joy, be developed through an app?
Currently developing an ecosystem of apps with just this purpose - and therefore at the forefront of these relevant questions - I'm delighted to inform you of the latest developments in my creation of a humane and empathic social network.

Guillermo (Willi) Ricken: Photographer, Music producer, Translator, Traditional Thai Massage teacher (Nuad Bo Rarn), Therapist, Breathworker, Pilates teacher, Businessman, Entrepreneur

Born in Venezuela to an immigrant father and a refugee mother, he has had an extraordinary life. Whereas his early love for nature took him to many wild and remote areas of the world to work as a wildlife photographer, he later became A&R manager and record producer in his family’s music business. In 1992 he decided to quit the business and began exploring different spiritual paths. After delving into Zen Buddhism and Bikram yoga, he found the path of Vipassana, while at the same time certifying as the first Traditional Thai Massage teacher in Latin America. 

In 1999 he “found” his guru Ramesh Balsekar, one of the last living traditional Advaita Vedanta teachers. After 9 prolonged trips to India to visit him and having translated four of his books into Spanish, Ramesh’s teachings on non-duality deeply permeate every aspect of his life.

Over time he certified in Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Family Constellations, and studied Sensory Awareness, Non-Violent Communication and many other techniques.

Nowadays he spend his time teaching Pilates and giving breathwork workshops in his Pilates Center in Caracas. As a businessman and in his entrepreneurial facet he is involved as founder and partner in diverse companies in five different countries, including his latest venture, the creation of a new social network based on emotional intelligence and empathic communication.

Thursday 2nd August – Judee Gee: JOY AND WISDOM

With it’s universal appeal and easy access, might joy have a key role to play in our search for a peaceful world, in our quest for collective wisdom?

Beyond it’s already invaluable role as an agent of play and pleasure, joy is also a powerful catalyst for accessing our true nature. In fact, our innate affinity with joy makes it the perfect vector for leading us to the place within us where it actually resides – along with love and wisdom – in unlimited abundance.

In this presentation, we will explore how joy, wisdom and conscious breathing can be harnessed as co-creators in the alchemical process of liberating our true nature. We will also have some fun (hopefully!) distilling pearls of wisdom from the glorious mess and bliss of our everyday lives.

Judee Gee: Trained as a breath therapist, intuitive consultant and teacher of alternative healing methods in Australia and the USA in the early 1980’s, Judee moved to France in 1988 where she launched The Intuition School (L’Ecole de l’Intuition)

From 1988 to 1998 her intuition development program was delivered in several regions of France and her books on the subject were also published during that time: Le pouvoir de l’intuition (1989), Comment développer votre intuiton (1995), Intuition; Awakening your inner guide (1999).  Parallel to her intuition school, she regularly led professional level trainings in breathwork.
From 1999 to 2015, Judee turned her focus to transpersonal psychotherapy and the place of intuition and conscious breathing in that field. She has been deeply involved in setting standards for professional breathwork training in the world, and holds a Diploma of Breathwork Trainer (BTI Australia).

She is past President of the IBF (1998-2001), creator of the IBF Integrity Committee (1998) and a founding member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (2000) where she is on the Board of Directors.
With over 35 years of immersion in the field of transpersonal development, her primary teaching tools are awareness, conscious breathing, intuition liberation, movement medicine and joyfulness.Today she is based in the South of France, from where she directs the Dakina Joy School and offers individual consultations as a counselor, supervisor and coach.

Friday 3rd August - Kevin Holmes & Philippa Wheble: THE SCIENCE OF BREATHWORK

What happens in the body when we consciously connect the breath? Can we ‘measure’ the effects of Breathwork and what does this even mean?

With the advent of new technologies for examining the human condition such as neuroimaging, physiology recording and electrical signal processing, what can the lens of Western Science offer to support contemporary Breathworkers?

Join us for a joyful journey of exploration, where we look at what research has been conducted, consider if there are Breathwork ‘myths’ and whether Western Science can enhance our understanding of the mystery that can never be fully understood.

Dr. Kevin Holmes: Psychiatrist, Scientist and Trainee in Conscious Breathing

Kevin has a background in engineering, finance and medicine, and has specialised in the field of Psychiatry, currently working in the area of Dementia.  He has undertaken breathwork training in Clarity Breathwork and Transformational Breath® and has an interest in understanding more about this work. His work within Psychiatry combined with personal spiritual-path interests has resulted in a quest to explore consciousness studies in more depth.                                                                                                                                                                     

In particular, he is interested in understanding how the experience with breath can be translated into the concepts and language within science.  This includes exploring what ‘evidence’ there is to describe the benefits of what appears to be a very powerful technique. He would like to create bridges between disciplines that could strengthen the overall understanding of this work.  Finally, he would like to understand how breathwork can be used for the population of patients that he sees within his work in psychiatry.

Dr. Philippa Wheble: Performing Arts Medicine and Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Workshop Leader

Dr Philiippa Wheble works as a General Practitioner in Scotland and with Edinburgh Breathes delivering Transformational Breath®. Pippa is an accomplished musician with experience of performance anxiety and she works with performing arts professionals sharing Transformational Breath® as a technique for personal development and resilience.She is driven to generate a strong scientific basis to support the introduction of Breathwork into the mainstream. In 2016 she completed her research thesis 'An exploration of Transformational Breath® for anxiety management in professional voice users'. This demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, blood pressure and heart rate and significant improvements in wellbeing. She presented this research at the International Symposium for Performance Science in September 2017.

She is keen to further her research in Transformational Breath® and to extend our understanding of all the conscious-connected breathing schools in terms of what each technique involves, the physiological mechanisms at play and the physiological and psychological benefits of each technique. She joined the IBF Science and Research Group in 2016 and contributed to two pilot research projects undertaken at the GIC in Austria 2017 exploring: - Breathing Physiology in Transformational Breath: Carbon dioxide and heart rate variability. - The Scope of Breathwork: describing the Breathwork practices that the IBF represents.


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