Thursday 2nd August, 11:30 to 12:30
The richness of working in pairs with Transpersonal Breathwork

Transpersonal Breathwork is practised in duo’s and shared in two sittings: a session for the person who “breathes” and another where she accompanies her partner into the “breathing” experience. This protocol thus offers two types of experience; that of the trance state itself and also that of relating; with all the potential for awareness and meeting that such a way of relating opens.

Brigitte Chavas has a psychotherapy practice since 30 years and uses Transpersonal Breathwork since 20 years. Over the last several years, she has developed a series of seminars specifically for adolescents, young adults and couples. She is also a trainer in transpersonal therapy and breathing techniques. She has co-authored various books including “The Manual of Transpersonal Psychotherapy” and “Heal the Ego, Reveal the Being”.


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