Tuesday 31 July - Nathalie Geetha Babouraj: BREATH + AWAKENING OF THE SENSES = JOY

Integrative health reveals to us this simple equation! Through a very gentle and playful practice, Nathalie will guide us happily through the wonders of our bodies (mind, body and soul) using breath, energy centers, the language of colors, sound, taste, the 5 elements, smell and touch.
With this offering from Ayurveda and Yoga, we will access profoundly our iner state of Joy. Welcome within!

Nathalie Geetha Babouraj: Doctor of medicine, founder of the Integrative Heath Institute and creator of sensory journeys

After studying medicine, Nathalie Geetha Babouraj started working for five years. Trained to heal people, she realizes that on the prevention side, she feels limited in her supporting abilities.

It was by participating in an international group of NATO, bringing together other doctors and military researchers that she discovers Integrative Medicine. This possibility of combining the best of modern medicine to which she has been trained and the wisdom of older medicines such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, India, seduces her.

Her Indian origins, as well as his childhood spent in Pondicherry, inspired her to train at the Yoga therapy (Paris) and the art of living according to Ayurveda (College of Ayurveda, Cannanore in India and Center Chopra in California ). This obvious relationship between Body, Heart and Spirit is then incorporated into her practice, both personal, but also professional.

After several months spent in the United States, meeting people, doctors and therapists in this integrative universe, she returned to France to create the ISI, the Institute of Integrative Health, and propose sensory journeys to explore its health, in small groups, for businesses and individuals.


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