Friday 3rd August - Philippa Wheble: THE SCIENCE OF BREATHWORK

What happens in the body when we consciously connect the breath? Can we ‘measure’ the effects of Breathwork and what does this even mean?

With the advent of new technologies for examining the human condition such as neuroimaging, physiology recording and electrical signal processing, what can the lens of Western Science offer to support contemporary Breathworkers?

Join us for a joyful journey of exploration, where we look at what research has been conducted, consider if there are Breathwork ‘myths’ and whether Western Science can enhance our understanding of the mystery that can never be fully understood.

Dr. Philippa Wheble: Performing Arts Medicine and Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Workshop Leader

Dr Philiippa Wheble works as a General Practitioner in Scotland and with Edinburgh Breathes delivering Transformational Breath®. Pippa is an accomplished musician with experience of performance anxiety and she works with performing arts professionals sharing Transformational Breath® as a technique for personal development and resilience.She is driven to generate a strong scientific basis to support the introduction of Breathwork into the mainstream. In 2016 she completed her research thesis 'An exploration of Transformational Breath® for anxiety management in professional voice users'. This demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, blood pressure and heart rate and significant improvements in wellbeing. She presented this research at the International Symposium for Performance Science in September 2017.

She is keen to further her research in Transformational Breath® and to extend our understanding of all the conscious-connected breathing schools in terms of what each technique involves, the physiological mechanisms at play and the physiological and psychological benefits of each technique. She joined the IBF Science and Research Group in 2016 and contributed to two pilot research projects undertaken at the GIC in Austria 2017 exploring: - Breathing Physiology in Transformational Breath: Carbon dioxide and heart rate variability. - The Scope of Breathwork: describing the Breathwork practices that the IBF represents.


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