Thursday 2nd August – Judee Gee: JOY AND WISDOM

With it’s universal appeal and easy access, might joy have a key role to play in our search for a peaceful world, in our quest for collective wisdom?

Beyond it’s already invaluable role as an agent of play and pleasure, joy is also a powerful catalyst for accessing our true nature. In fact, our innate affinity with joy makes it the perfect vector for leading us to the place within us where it actually resides – along with love and wisdom – in unlimited abundance.

In this presentation, we will explore how joy, wisdom and conscious breathing can be harnessed as co-creators in the alchemical process of liberating our true nature. We will also have some fun (hopefully!) distilling pearls of wisdom from the glorious mess and bliss of our everyday lives.

Judee Gee: Tantric Breathwork Trainer and Joy Teacher

Trained as a breath therapist, intuitive consultant and teacher of alternative healing methods in Australia and the USA in the early 1980’s, Judee moved to France in 1988 where she launched The Intuition School (L’Ecole de l’Intuition)

From 1988 to 1998 her intuition development program was delivered in several regions of France and her books on the subject were also published during that time: Le pouvoir de l’intuition (1989), Comment développer votre intuiton (1995), Intuition; Awakening your inner guide (1999).  Parallel to her intuition school, she regularly led professional level trainings in breathwork.
From 1999 to 2015, Judee turned her focus to transpersonal psychotherapy and the place of intuition and conscious breathing in that field. She has been deeply involved in setting standards for professional breathwork training in the world, and holds a Diploma of Breathwork Trainer (BTI Australia).

She is past President of the IBF (1998-2001), creator of the IBF Integrity Committee (1998) and a founding member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (2000) where she is on the Board of Directors.
With over 35 years of immersion in the field of transpersonal development, her primary teaching tools are awareness, conscious breathing, intuition liberation, movement medicine and joyfulness.Today she is based in the South of France, from where she directs the Dakina Joy School and offers individual consultations as a counselor, supervisor and coach.


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