Wednesday 1st August - Guillermo Ricken: TRUE JOY IN A SOCIAL NETWORK?

Considering the ubiquitous presence of social networks and the incessant, mostly empty chatter contained therein, is it possible to approach this phenomenon from a different angle and develop a completely new network, based on a different understanding of what it means to be human? Can emotional intelligence, compassion and empathic communication, all harbingers of Joy, be developed through an app?
Currently developing an ecosystem of apps with just this purpose - and therefore at the forefront of these relevant questions - I'm delighted to inform you of the latest developments in my creation of a humane and empathic social network.

Guillermo (Willi) Ricken: Photographer, Music producer, Translator, Traditional Thai Massage teacher (Nuad Bo Rarn), Therapist, Breathworker, Pilates teacher, Businessman, Entrepreneur

Born in Venezuela to an immigrant father and a refugee mother, he has had an extraordinary life. Whereas his early love for nature took him to many wild and remote areas of the world to work as a wildlife photographer, he later became A&R manager and record producer in his family’s music business. In 1992 he decided to quit the business and began exploring different spiritual paths. After delving into Zen Buddhism and Bikram yoga, he found the path of Vipassana, while at the same time certifying as the first Traditional Thai Massage teacher in Latin America. 

In 1999 he “found” his guru Ramesh Balsekar, one of the last living traditional Advaita Vedanta teachers. After 9 prolonged trips to India to visit him and having translated four of his books into Spanish, Ramesh’s teachings on non-duality deeply permeate every aspect of his life.

Over time he certified in Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Family Constellations, and studied Sensory Awareness, Non-Violent Communication and many other techniques.

Nowadays he spend his time teaching Pilates and giving breathwork workshops in his Pilates Center in Caracas. As a businessman and in his entrepreneurial facet he is involved as founder and partner in diverse companies in five different countries, including his latest venture, the creation of a new social network based on emotional intelligence and empathic communication.


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