Monday 30 July - Fabrice Loizeau: THE LAUGHTER YOGA AND JOY

Prepare yourself to discover a complete laugh; good for the head, for the body and for the heart.
In 90 minutes, Fabrice will reveal everything ... Perhaps you will be surprised to discover so many benefits delivered in so little time, and without any particular orientation or effort. No need for a certain posture, or to know yoga.
Just come along - even if you're in a bad mood - and he will take care of everything!
Program: What is laughter yoga? - It's immediate and long term benefits - Why and how practice it? - Our challenge (surprise)

Fabrice Loizeau: Laughter Yoga Master and Sophrologist, Executive director of the French Institute of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Master and Sophrologist, Fabrice Loizeau is the executive director of the French Institute of Laughter Yoga.
Nicknamed the Laughter Yoga Gentleman of France, Fabrice Loizeau is close to the founder of laughter yoga, the doctor Madan Kataria, who appointed him Master and his leader to train the new generation of Yoga Facilitators and Teachers. Laughter in France. A world ambassador, he supervises animators and teachers. Fabrice is an international expert, the only one in France among the top 10 in the world. In addition, he runs the School of the Positive with the help of experts in sciences of the positive, doctors, researchers, practitioners ...

In each of its trainings and / or talks, he invites you to a real entry into the essential: cosmopolitan teaching, colourful where everyone emerges with full vitality and knowledge to become a worthy yoga laughter recognized internationally.
Practicing in 2004, Facilitator in 2005, International Professor in 2009, Professor Expert in 2010, Global Ambassador in 2011 and Master in 2012.


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