Pure Joy of Life

With simple exercises, you have the opportunity to dive into pure joy of life.
We start with an exercise to realize your own beliefs. After that, we learn to transform unwanted beliefs in a playful way with the help of music, breath, movement, laughter and a lot of joy.

Trainer: Sonja Simonovska, DI, founder of LENS-program - Lebensfreude-Energie-Sinn (joy-energy-sense); book author, breathwork trainer, holistic coach. Lives and works in Vienna and facilitates seminars and workshops in several countries


Coherent Breathing

Coherent breathing is a simple to learn and easy to practice method of balancing your nervous system and aligning your breathing with your heart beat and blood circulation, thus creating a coherent rhythm throughout your body.
It is an indispensable way of breathing which every breathworker should know and which we owe to our clients. It is likely to become a prominent tool for everyone who is interested in relaxation and regeneration. Its effects can be measured via heart rate variability, and the increase of the vagal tone (the para-power) has numerous benefits for longevity and sustainable health.

Trainer: Wilfried Ehrmann, PhD, psychotherapist, breathworker, founder of atman-Austrian association for integrative breathwork, book author (e.g. Coherent Breathing 2016), GIC 2017 organizer.

Breathing Habit Analysis

Millions of people worldwide suffer with the profound and misunderstood symptoms and deficits of learned dysfunctional breathing habits.  Unfortunately, these habits are rarely identified, their effects mistakenly attributed to other causes, and their resolutions prescriptive in nature where focus is on symptoms rather than on causes.
Breathing is about much more than respiration.


Trainer: Peter M. Litchfield, Ph.D., President of the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Better Physiology, Ltd., that manufactures the CapnoTrainer used for doing educational capnography, lectures in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, monthly presentations by webinar.

Full Breath Experience

We will be contemplating and celebrating breath.
Through a series of experiential movement sequences, participants will make steps towards balance (physical/psychological) and healing.
Conscious sensing and experiencing breath movement will support participants in better connecting to themselves and to others. We experience ourselves being moved by the breath, both inside and into the outer world, we will give space to integration.

Trainer: Linda Benkö lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria as breathworker, bio-energy practitioner, pilates- and Tao Woman© qigong-trainer and counselor for couples.



Discover the Miracle of Breath

If there is something you desire, NEVER be satisfied with less than your expectations. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE BEST AND YOU KNOW THAT!
Our lives don't get any better, do they? Getting a better life, being healthy, happier and more peaceful seems like getting harder and harder everyday, doesnt it?
Your perception of life, thoughts, emotions, desires, the way you breath, they all influence the way you live your life!

You can be healthier, happier, stronger and more successful more than you could ever imagine! You will find all the tools that you need to be the person you want to be and getting the life you have been desired. This workshop will lead you to get acquainted with the breathing and some other techniques you could use in your daily life. It is a 3 hours workshop that consists of a breathing and coaching session. Taking part in this workshop, you will find out the negative effects of your restrictive breathing habbits and learn how to change them by having a closer look. This workshop will make us energetic, positive, stable, peaceful and happy individuals by turning our negative thoughts into positive ones. These the courses consist of informations, techniques, coaching and breathing exercises of reaching to the success and perfection in our inner and outer worlds.



“Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.”
We all  carry stories,songs around and with us.  We have a specific music playing in the background of our daily life.  Many of these stories define who we have been in the past. Now is the time to create new empowering stories and contemporary, inspiring archetypes. Time to open up, free from drama,  and cath new songs.  How can diversity be a blessing and how can we use the power of the breath to grow in a team? How can we honour the differences in order to create new music together for the best of all?  In this workshop you will experience some very practical, energizing tools to reach the heart of people, to empower each other and to bring the best out them and to  ‘re-storying’  our repertoire. On personal and collective level.
Will experience powerful body-mind coaching tools in order to take responsability and empower each other.
En français and English

Trainer: Danielle De Wilde is energy worker, holistic professional trainer-coach, director of the institute BAO Elan Vital Personal Development, Coaching and Mentoring in Brussels .She has been working for more than 30 years with individuals and groups in organizations. She has been trained by  Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, Bo Wahlström, Jasmuheen, Peggy Dylan, Alberto Villoldo, Miranda Gray …and several native teachers. She is facilitating an International Fire Walk Leader Program in France and facilitates retreats with wild dolphins in Egypt. She has been working for more than 30 years with individuals and groups in the social profit sector and with executives in corporations, National Coordinator of IBF for 20 years and member of the Council. She served as vice-president  Belgium of the International Coaching Federation   She is also facilitating Breathing Circles and Feminine Power Leadership Circles

Process Oriented Psychology

‘Ordinary consciousness wants to hold on to what is known… Learning to ride the waves of altered states is crucial… The therapist is required to use communication methods that interact directly with these individuals in altered states of consciousness. This is in contrast to asking individuals to adapt to our reality and means of communicating”. (Arnold Mindell).
Process Oriented Psychology (PW) was founded by Arnold Mindell and has its roots in Taoism, Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and spiritual traditions. PW is of significant value to breathwork practitioners and trainers. In this lecture, I will speak to three key areas of interest:
• PW tools which support the Practitioner to communicate more effectively with the client’s non consensus reality (including altered states and body symptoms); working with the client’s energy in its own ‘channel’ (eg movement, vocalization, proprioception, relational).
• Key insights toward resolving one of the common tensions between Breathwork schools - quiet vs loud/cathartic breathwork sessions, or ‘drama’ vs integration. PW reveals why this tension exists, and provides an alternative way to view and work with the variety of expressions of energy in the body.
• The importance of developing the inner qualities (or metaskills) of the therapist in training, as well as the qualities of eldership.
PW is a helpful resource for breathwork practitioners facilitating client sessions. It is also useful framework for trainers to use, to assist students who are new to breathwork practice.

Trainer: Mirabai Vines is a Breathwork Trainer and Psychotherapist (transpersonal) in Australia. She is the former President of the Australian Breathwork Association, and currently on the IBF Integrity Committee. Mirabai has a special interest in transpersonal psychotherapy, spiritual emergence, rites of passage; as well as continuing international dialogue re professionalism and training in Breathwork practice.


Healing the Past on a Soul Level

Breath - especially the Connected Breath - is like an Emperors way into our Being.
Visualisation helps us to dive deeper into the past and find the roots of a particular problem that has arisen in our life today.
Forgiveness supports us to come to peace with bygone situations as well as with people we felt wounded by.
In this workshop I will demonstrate and teach these essential elements that are crucial in the work I call "Healing the Past on a Soul Level".

Healing some of the wounds that women and men have inflicted in each other

Since ages, men have hurt women, and women have hurt men. Over and over again.
In this workshop, we will investigate in ourselves how we all have been part of this ongoing drama. By feeling the hurt and the shame and through the power of vulnerability and forgiveness, we can begin to heal.

Our sexual organs… … A war zone or a place for love and peace?

Can we become conscious of our sexual energy in a way that stops the often-tangible war between men and women?
Can we open ourselves for a peaceful and passionate way of love and for a true orgasmic feeling for life itself?
With deep bodywork, we will explore the origin of our sexual energy and reclaim our passion for life.

Trainer: Tilke Platteel-Deur: Since 1979,  she has been practicing and teaching Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, NLP and the dynamics of relationship in a three year training program. From 2001-2004 she has been president of IBF and is currently a member on the board of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.
'The Spirit of Breath has the power to connect us with our real strength. In an atmosphere of acceptance, respect and love, a human being may become more conscious of his true nature, his essence, and the deeper meaning of his life.'
Author of ‘The Art of Integrative Therapy’ as well as several articles on Breathwork, among which ‘Hot Water Breathwork’ and ‘Cold Water Breathwork’, and the ‘Psychology of Selves’ that were published in the internet journal ‘The Healing Breath’ and in ‘Atman’.

Breathwork Mastery Group Workshop - Daily at GIC

Enjoy a small group dynamic with highly experienced facilitators Alakh and other trained professionals.
Workshops are in English with French and Italian translation and some days of Russian and Ukrainian.
Breathwork Mastery? What is it as a style of breathwork?
A body sensation and conscious breath focused process. After setting powerful highly motivating intentions for yourself, you let the body sensations and conscious breathing do the work for you! Memories, images and emotions may also come spontaneously and discharge contracted body and breathing patterns. The spirit becomes more nourished and free to be expressed.

Trainer: Alakh Analda, breathworker and trainer since 1987, based in Australia and has been delivering in Europe/UK since 1993

The Secrets of Creation

This workshop gives you the structure how you remember, formulate, visualize and manifest your heart dreams. "Our thoughts are creative!" We will explore the importance and creativeness of our ongoing thought process. Creative thinking is a way to increase the personal potential, firstly by becoming aware of the ongoing thought process that constantly informs as well as evaluates us about ourselves and our world, but also how to change it. First we will use trance dance with the breath of fire to open the space for our visions. So you can look at your actual life situation. Then we will use visualisation and guided meditations to create our heart s dreams. You will let go of old mental patterns. Then you will get to know the language of creation and find and create your own vision.

The Seven Steps of Awakening

In this workshop you learn more about the 7 steps of awakening, starting with the deep wish for freedom, the acceptance to feel all the feelings, to integrate the position of the watcher, to understand deeply your programming, to let go of your body, to finish the past, and to encounter fear and death.

Then you can experiment with a beautiful technique, called the consciousness technique, where you will work in pairs. You feel all your feelings and fall deeper and deeper until you meet your essence.

Self Esteem Brain Training

In this workshop you learn the categories for low and high self esteem. You explore the belief systems which hidner you to blossom and change them to a supportive pattern.
You start to create a new self image. You will work in pairs to anquor this new picture of yourself in the subconsciousness.
Then we will do a breathing circle to deepen the process on a cellular level.

Trainer: Mag Birgit M. Ehrmann -Ahlfeld: management trainer and psychotherapist, leading the Dolphininstitute to train people in mental and social competence. Two books: “Mentally Fit Forever” and “Selbstwert Braintraining”, 7 guided visualisations for each book.

KICK-Workshop Breath – Body – Voice

Secure in Unity    

From the practice of ability to the theory of knowledge
For all who like to breathe and to laugh and come one breath closer to themselves!
Breath as natural birth gift is the basis of this life for everyone. In the circles of nature, the processes are fulfilled in physical laws, and the same is true with breathing – movement + voice in our bodies. To regain and to repossess its natural regularity is crucial for all our experiences in this lifetime.
The essence and target of my work is to rediscover and understand breathing, movement and voice as reflecting unity and to get a sense for the systematic connections of voicing.
During this workshop, we will get to know some specific exercises, will play, experiment and practice with them. With a lot of humor, we dive into childish and animalistic sounds and reflexes and experience how this reintegrates in daily breathing behavior and voice utilization unnoticed and intuitively.
People who feel themselves discover their innermost source of power.

Trainer: Susanne Amberg Schneeweis: singer, teacher, author. Developed the Echopunktmethode EP+® (Echo point method).


IBF network

The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.

La GIC est un congrès annuel organisé par l'International Breathwork Foundation, IBF (Fondation Internationale du Travail de Respiration), une organisation mondiale en réseau regroupant des professionnels de la respiration et tous ceux qui sont intéressés par le pouvoir de transformation de la respiration.