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Pure Joy of Life - Sonja Simonovska

Coherent Breathing - Wilfried Ehrmann

Healing the Placenta Trauma - Wilfried Ehrmann

Breathing Habit Analysis - Peter M. Litchfield

Full Breath Experience - Linda Benkö

Discover the Miracle of Breath - NEVŞAH KARAMEHMET

EN AVANT LA MUSIQUE! - Danielle De Wilde

Process Oriented Psychology - Mirabai Vines

Healing the Past on a Soul Level - Tilke Platteel-Deur

Healing some of the wounds that women and men have inflicted in each other - Tilke Platteel-Deur

Our sexual organs… … A war zone or a place for love and peace? - Tilke Platteel-Deur

Breathwork Mastery Group Workshop - Daily at GIC - Alakh Analda

The Secrets of Creation - Mag Birgit M. Ehrmann-Ahlfeld

The Seven Steps of Awakening - Mag Birgit M. Ehrmann-Ahlfeld

Self Esteem Brain Training - Mag Birgit M. Ehrmann-Ahlfeld

KICK-Workshop Breath – Body – Voice - Susanne Amberg Schneeweis

Secure in Unity - Susanne Amberg Schneeweis

Mantras, Pranayama, Lamasery and Blue time: a system to activate your INNER HEALER - Alessandra Brunelli & Cinzia Lemmo

Essential Shamanism and Ancient Dances - Maite Pardo Sol


Pneuma Breathwork  - Maite Pardo Sol

Firewalk - KristaGilda Kerner and Daniëlle De Wilde

The Breatheart connection - Nourishing the sweetness of intimacy - Viola & Michael de Glanville

‘Heart touching Earth’ - A breathing experience with the elements of Air/Fire/Water/Earth - Viola & Michael de Glanville

Psycho-Breathing Therapy: Unlocking your breathing mechanic to return to a fully expanded breath - Carlos Velasco & Véronique Batter

Tribal Breathe - Judee Gee


IBF network

The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.

La GIC est un congrès annuel organisé par l'International Breathwork Foundation, IBF (Fondation Internationale du Travail de Respiration), une organisation mondiale en réseau regroupant des professionnels de la respiration et tous ceux qui sont intéressés par le pouvoir de transformation de la respiration.