The GIC is a unique annual event organized by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF); the worldwide networking organisation for Breathwork practitioners and those interested in the healing power of Breathwork.

The conference is a rich and rewarding experience that fuels your enthusiasm for living more fully, creatively and courageously. There is something magical about spending seven days in the company of people who are excited about growing, learning and developing deeper awareness. Participants repeatedly express amazement at how much of this can happen during one week at GIC.

The event brings together respected keynote speakers and teachers worldwide who present a rich and diverse range of workshops each day. In addition to learning from these sessions, we dance, breathe, hug, hold and share honestly. The environment fosters great respect for each individual, providing a safe place to express our deepest thoughts and feelings about ourselves, each other and the world.

The event can be seen as a celebration of life, and attracts a diverse group of people: young and old, academic and creative, from all parts of the world. The resulting environment promotes healing of divisions, deepening of understanding and growing togetherness. We welcome anyone who feels inspired to participate in this gathering, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey or the extent of your breathwork experience."


When I hear abundance, I feel gratitude.
Gratitude for what is and what I already have is the root of all abundance and success. It all started from the moment that every cell in the cell structure of my body understood that giving is the same as receiving. The joy of giving and not controlling where the giving goes... it is giving your love or your goods with no strings attached...Then the giving energy comes back, like a boomerang … faster and stronger ... in abundance. It becomes materialization of what you think about, trusting that all there is, is also there for you. It is the law of attraction, because energy knows that by giving it to you it will get divided again and roll its way to different hearts and hands. Let’s share our gratitude and breathe South Africa in abundance.

(Marie Rose Windels, Organizer GIC2016)

A bit more about Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

Named after Nelson Mandela, has the most beautiful and empty beaches in a superb climate. They call it the friendly city, because of its openness. But also the windy city, thanks to the winds that is refreshing the air constantly. Rain can come in as a fine sparkling shower, refresh your face and disappear in a hot sunny afternoon.

Loads of people do their morning business early in the day with a great cup of cappuccino and a cup cake.  Here and there you meet people on the run stretching or doing taichi before their daily task.
The warm waters and the radio station of Algoa Bay provide the perfect swimming, kite -and wind -surfing, snorkeling and canoeing conditions. Dolphins and whales are sewing the waves together in play and harmony.

The Architecture profiles Victorian, Art Nouveau and art deco buildings ... They are the largest art clusters in the whole of Africa.

A number of Flora and fauna destinations lie within commuting distance: Maitlands, Skoemakerskop, Baviaanskloof and the game reserves.

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is an all-year round destination due to its sunny weather and warm climate.

Marie Rose Windels
Organizer GIC2016 South Africa

Jack from Mozambique
Preparing the sand sculpture of the GIC2016

• The GIC is an international event of celebration, learning and sharing of the latest techniques and information contributing to both personal and global evolution.
• It is the annual coming together for the IBF membership and others who feel drawn to taste and participate in this most successful of Breathwork gatherings.
• Participants at the GIC include leading professionals in Breathwork and other practices aimed at healing and the expansion of consciousness.
• It brings about great opportunities for personal and professional connections.
Anyone can present his/her work during this unique and exciting program, which is created organically day by day.
• The friendly atmosphere build at every GIC creates an ideal environment for families and children.

Join us @ 23rd Global Inspiration Conference 2016
1st till 8th of July - Port Elizabeth - Nelson Mandela Bay



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The GIC is an annual event organised by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – a worldwide networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the transformative power of the breath.